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About Us
As an Ottawa SEO Company, our skills will make sure to let your business be exposed to thousands of people a day. Using the most effective techniques and tools you’ll have the chance to be on first page of Google within the shortest time frame possible.
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Guaranteed Results
With high quality researching and analysis, we focus on keywords that will get you guaranteed results, ensuring you receive much more than what you pay for.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, that is optimizing your website on search engines mainly Google, to be displayed on their first page. As %95 of users who are searching do not go to second page of Google, meaning if you’re not on first page of Google you are losing %95 of the users wanting to find you! We offer free consultation on how to rank your website to first page of Google. SEO is a long-term process and you have to expect to see results within 5-6 months, you will for sure not see results overnight. SEO consists of mainly On-Page SEO, that is optimizing contents within your website, and Off-Page SEO that is optimizing contents and links to other websites to help rank your website higher.
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